Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowy owl

This are facts about snowy owls so I'm going to tell you snowy owls eat lemmings rats mice ducks they eat all kinds of animals they may look cute in their picture but their really scary owls the snowy owl is the biggest owl in the world snowy owls nest near ground snowy owls do to live a heathly life is they eat all the time everyday to live a heathly life snowy owls live up to 28 years in captivity I describe my own appearance is they eat small birds moles mice voles and rabbits females lay up to 2 to 4 eggs
The climate of were they live is in warmer climates the baby owls stay with their mom on there own six an adult snowy owl can eat three to five lemmings per day, or up to 1600 per year it's enemy is the artic wolf a group of owls called parliament a babies owl is call owlets.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Best Christmas Pageant Book Review

We finished our 4th Novel, The Best Christmas Ever written by Barbara Robinson 
The main characters are Gladys, Leroy, Imogene and the girl the narrator.

way to describe the herdman's thier bad sneaky the one thing that suprised me about the book was Imogene was crying a few character traits that I found in this novel that Alice was writing in her note pad of paper.

My favorite character in this story was Imogene because she got the Holy Ghost. We are going to read the sequel to this novel The Best Worst School Year Ever over break. I'm looking forward to reading about the Herdmans.I think this book was good because Gladys pierced Imogene ears.if Icould have one of the Herdman's as my  friend, I would have Imogene because she was mean and now she's nice.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loser Book Review

     We just completed our third novel. Loser is a book by Award Winner Jerry Spinelli The main character in the novel is Zinkoff. One word that describes Zinkoff is awesome because he is different then other kids the setting of the story is school and home. Zinkoff hates to wait and he runs out the house. Zinkoff runs out the house so Zinkoff's mom puts Polly by the door in her play pin. Bonce picks Zinkoff to be on his team because Zinkoff was just standing there watching.  The best part of the book was when Polly said eww because Zinkoff said his friend made earwax candles. If I could change any situation of the book I will change when Claudia got lost because Zinkoff spend seven hours Looking for her Zinkoff had many character traits during this novel on trait was when Zinkoff was little he was very clumsy another trait is Zinkoff was proud to be himself. I like the ending because it made me want to read the book again.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's the scoop

     Today is Friday, November 15, 2013 and the weather is getting cold  we have been working on 
Greatest Common Factor in order to find GCF you need to multiply all the time number of the day is 33. We take a number and do the math fact.  
     Mrs. Binge 6th grade class. Is selling snack passes for $1.00. The money they raise goes the Growing Strong Habitat for Humanity. 
     Congratulations to the following students who made the Durfee Basketball Team, Tyler Kaderius Jocobe, Jahmel Kamilian and Treylen their game is a the Disc at 3:45 
     Our next States and Capitals test is Wednesday November 20 2013 I am currently studying  to take  states test I am sure I will do great on it there is a song on YouTube that we have been using to help us   with our states I really like the song we have also been studying lot of vocabulary words each week we  made flash cards work on sentences graphic organizers and made videos with our iPads my favorite word we've been working so far is monopoly the definition of control of a product or service by one company 
Our Holiday program is December 12 at 12:45 the 5th graders will be singing Jingle  Bell Rock and We Will Jingle.  In reading  we are reading Loser the book is about this kid name Zinkoff is different then other kids I like the book because it 's funny.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

I think my mom is mighty crazy

I think my mom is mighty crazy,
She ironed her clothes.
Instead of mine,
I think she's out of line,
She got dress and drop me off at prison,

My sister came in my house,
And my mom said hello son,
I haven't seen you in forever,
Where do you live, 
I live around the coner,

My brother came in my house,
And my mom said hello daughter,
I haven't seen you in forever,
Where do you live ,
I live down the street,

I think my mom is a alien,
Inside of her she crazy,
I think she's from Mars,
I just need to find my real mom

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shiloh Book Review

Today is Thursday, October 24, 2013. We have just completed our second novel,
Shiloh. The protagonist is Judd Travers. a protagonist is a character who fight against the antagonist
 An antagonist is the main character In the story the main conflict Marty want's Shiloh to be his dog.
The resolution of Shiloh was when Marty could have Shiloh if he worked for Judd Travers.  My favorite part of the book was when Judd gave Marty the dog collar. My least favorite of Shiloh got hurt by the German sherperd. If I could be any character in the book I would be Marty because he's smart caring nice kind loving. I would recommend this book to another student because it's funny sad good